April Plus One Performer

Kramer Beverage has named Eugene Morgan the “Plus One Performer” for the month of April.

Eugene is a driver in Hammonton. When it came to helping a new driver with their route, Eugene took the time to offer this individual stop by stop directions,  after he had already clocked out for the day.

Individuals like Eugene Morgan constantly emphasize the values that Kramer Beverage is prided off of. Through the ability of working together as a team and offering a tid bit of advice- whether it is about directions or in the sales department, the task at hand is made easier.

Other nominees for Plus One Performance in April include:

  • Steve Brock
  • Nina Custode
  • Erik Seidelmann
  • Dennis Spring
  • Evan Weismann

About Kramer Beverage

Kramer Beverage is South Jersey’s largest beer distributor, owned and operated by four generations of the Kramer family since 1924.  Kramer Beverage services ten counties in southern New Jersey with top brands from MillerCoors, Constellation, Yuengling, Boston Beer, Heineken USA, Pabst, Diageo, NAB and more.  Kramer Beverage also distributes a wide variety of craft beers, from top suppliers such as New Belgium and Sierra Nevada, to local favorites including Flying Fish, Double Nickel, Evil Genius, Glasstown, Forgotten Boardwalk, Sly Fox, and 2SP.  For more information on Kramer Beverage, please visit our website www.kramerbev.com.

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