Charles Kramer Award honors Kenneth Ross

Kramer Beverage annually presents awards across the Organization.

The most prestigious honor is the Charles Kramer Award.

It is presented to an individual who embodies the spirit of teamwork, exemplifies great customer service, and represents the ability to work with a sense of urgency to get things done. We have a gentleman who has worked for Kramer since 2017 and has won this award not once but twice consistently the past two years. I got to shadow this individual one day last week and over a cheesesteak and a glass of sweet tea he shared about winning this award and what makes a great attitude.

Kenny Ross is a humble, jovial man with a great laugh, who is personable and just simply a great listener. He loves his job as a lead merchandiser in a company with over 1600 accounts. Kenny stands out not only for his creativity but customer service. He has built exceptional relationships with his accounts; he understands what works for them and what does not. “They are like an extended family,” Kenny says he jokes around with the customers but also brings ideas to the table to help them sell more. He understands the space and knows what is working or not working based on his relationships with the sales team, other merchandisers, and his supervisors.

Kenny is all about teamwork and he is the lead merchandiser across the board, he mentors and onboards new employees on setting the gold standard for merchandising. Full autonomy at his accounts makes his job easier and so successful, he creates large displays before the biggest drinking holidays (St. Patrick’s, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day) but he also visits the cooler to adjust the flow and space to get more sales lift.

Kenny’s belief is that merchandising is the backbone of the business, and he would prefer to stay where is he is ready to play his part and support the team at Kramer Beverage. Dependable, trustworthy, and comical is what Kenny is…. nothing is typical in his day to day, and he would not have any other way.

He is grateful for the journey thus far and appreciative for individuals who have been generous with sharing their knowledge.

Kenny is the guy who just exceeds, it is just part of his DNA.


About Kramer Beverage 

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