Double Nickel Brings 420 Party Back

Thursday, April 20, 2022  marked the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in New Jersey.  This past Saturday, April 23 was the return of infamous 420 Party for Double Nickel Brewing Company. From noon to 11pm Double Nickel had live music, special limited release libations for all to enjoy, and other fun surprises. The place was packed with 420 enjoyers checking out the New Releases and the celebration of marijuana legalization.

New Releases

Here’s the first Mega Dank variant.  Super Mega Dank 420 Chronic Kush Grand Daddy GREEN Supreme is our base Mega Dank we released last month but double dry hopped with Strata hops to give it a whole new dankness. The Strata hops coupled with the Mega Dank give off a clean fruity nose consisting of citrus, pineapple, and grapefruit. Then the herbs take hold with intense hoppiness coupled with a smooth, clean, dry, slightly spicy black pepper finish.


The next variant is a fruited Mega Dank all of you sweet boys and girls. Strawberry Tangerine Super Mega Dank 420 Chronic Kush Grand Daddy Supreme is just what it seems: we added tons of strawberries and tangerines into the mix on this one for a fruited hazy boy you won’t want to be shy around. She starts off with a beachy tropical nose with hints of bubblegum, watermelon, and strawberries all mingling together. With a nice lacing mouthfeel, you get big flavors of fruit punch with a side of citrus and a balanced finish that ends with a touch of bitterness.



We double dry hopped this little brother with South African Southern Hospitality hops to give it some exotic spice and to give you something new and exciting for your palette to be intrigued by. This time we’ve got a 5.4% ABV Pale Ale by the name of Boetie.  This Pale Ale starts off with a resiny nose filled with notes of lemonade, grapefruit, and a piney dankness. She has a nice crisp light body followed up with an earthy hop presence and a dry warm finish. There’s a slight spice to the experience that culminates in the end to give you a pale ale with tons of flavor without being too heavy to drink a few!

Any leftover cans will possibly be added to our online shop sometime this week. Check out the website for more information.

Double Nickel Brewing Co. sits at the edge of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge and offers loyal friends and followers a one-of-a-kind drinkable experience.

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