1924 Kramer Beverage Company was established by Benjamin Kramer in Atlantic City, NJ
1927 Ben Kramer buys the rights to Cliquot Club soda.
1929 Kramer Beverage moves to 4000 sq. ft. facility at 419 N. Tennessee Avenue in Atlantic City. Brothers Harry and Paul join Kramer Beverage
1933 The 21st amendment brings an end to Prohibition.
1934 Kramer Beverage becomes the local distributor for Ballantine and Piel’s, both leading products at the time.
1935 Kramer Beverage expands to a 30,000 square foot facility at 110 N. Virginia Avenue. Ben"s son, Arnold Kramer, joins Kramer Beverage as the 2nd generation to enter the business
1948 Arnold’s brother, Daniel Kramer, joins the company.
1964 Charles Kramer becomes the first member of the 3rd generation to join the company after graduating from Rutgers University
1971 Charles" brother Steven joins Kramer Beverage.
1975 Lynn Kramer begins her career.
1976 Kramer Beverage exits the soda business after more than 50 years to focus on beer.
1981 Kramer Beverage moved out of Atlantic City to Egg Harbor Township.
1983 California Cooler is introduced to the market by Kramer Beverage.
1986 Coors selects Kramer Beverage to distribute its brand in all six counties.
1988 Kramer Beverage earns distribution rights for Corona, Yuengling, Guinness and Samuel Adams.
1992 Kramer Beverage earns the Coors Founder’s Award, the brewery"s highest honor.
1992 Leadership at Kramer Beverage enters its 4th generation with the addition of Charles" son, Mark Kramer.
2002 Kramer Beverage moves into their new state-of-the-art facility in Hammonton, NJ
2008 Mark D. Kramer becomes President as Charles W. Kramer assumes the role of Chairman.
2014 Kramer Beverage celebrates its 90th Anniversary.

A tradition of excellence for four generations

In 1924, with the country in the midst of Prohibition, Kramer Beverage made its humble beginning as a soft drink bottler and distributor in Southern New Jersey, making and selling Olympic brand soft drinks and mixers in Atlantic and Cape May Counties. The majority of the business took place during the summer months—every wooden case stacked by hand in the warehouse by less than a dozen employees—and in 1927, the hard work and dedication of the company’s owner, Ben Kramer, paid off when he bought the rights to Cliquot Club soda, a national brand with a large following. Two years later, Kramer Beverage moved to 419 N. Tennessee Avenue, thus adding 4,000 square feet of additional space so as to accommodate the continued growth of the company. Moreover, Mr. Kramer hired five new employees, including his brothers, Harry and Paul.

On December 5th, 1933, after the repeal of Prohibition, Kramer Beverage expanded its product line to include beer, becoming the local distributor of Ballantine and Piel’s, both leading beverages at the time. As the addition of beer fueled the continued growth of Kramer Beverage, the company acquired a new, larger location: a warehouse and former parking garage with over 30,000 square feet of space located at 110 N. Virginia Avenue. This new location would serve as the headquarters of Kramer Beverage for the next 46 years.

Eventually, Ben Kramer’s sons, Arnold and Daniel, joined the company. In 1964, when he graduated from Rutgers University, Charles Kramer became the first member of the third generation to join the company, working in both the beer and soft drink sides of the business. His brother Stephen entered the business in the early 1970′s. Meanwhile, Lynn Kramer began her career at Kramer Beverage. Ultimately, Ben Kramer witnessed three generations of the Kramer Family enter the business before he passed away in 1971.

After more than 50 years in the soft drink business, Kramer Beverage made the strategic decision to narrow its focus on beer distribution. In 1981, Kramer Beverage from Atlantic City to Egg Harbor Township.  The new location allowed the company to expand its territory and product line with California Cooler.  After success with California Cooler, Coors Brewing Company selected Kramer Beverage as the wholesaler for Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties.

During the 1990’s, new product line expansions continued as the company acquired distribution rights for many outstanding brands, including Corona, Yuengling, Guinness, and Samuel Adams. In 1992, Kramer Beverage earned the Coors Founder’s Award, the brewery’s highest honor.

Charles Kramer’s son, Mark, joined the company after earning his MBA at Drexel University and a BA in Business from Rutgers University. Mark worked his way up through sales and marketing at Kramer Beverage, eventually serving as VP of Finance and Operations.  Mark Kramer became the fourth generation Kramer to serve as President after Charles assumed the role of Chairman of the Board.

Kramer Beverage’s corporate headquarters have been based out of a 168,000 state of the art facility in Hammonton, NJ since 2002.

In 2017, Kramer Beverage acquired both Hub City Distributing and Warren South’s malt beverage businesses. These acquisitions more than doubled the company’s volume and employee base.  Kramer Beverage is now New Jersey’s largest beer wholesaler, representing over 150 domestic, import, craft, cider, FMB, and spiked seltzer brands from top suppliers and breweries such as such as MillerCoors, Yuengling, Constellation Beer Division, Boston Beer, Diageo, New Belgium, Heineken USA, Pabst, NAB, Sierra Nevada and many more.