Kramer Cares Charitable Efforts

Kramer Cares is the Charitable arm of Kramer Beverage.

Kramer Beverage has a has a longstanding tradition of supporting local communities which goes back to our founder, Ben Kramer in 1924.

The past 34 years has been Charles and Lynn Kramer carrying on this tradition of giving back in their personal and professional lives.

Nonprofit charitable organizations are intended to operate for the public good, so in 2008 Mark Kramer started Kramer Cares.

This philanthropy arm of Kramer Beverage looks for opportunities to support charitable endeavors and volunteer activities.  In 2021, Lynn Kramer passed away and we added her name to the Kramer Cares logo in memory of generous spirit.

We have also developed a dedicated team to identify charities to benefit all the communities we serve.

Create a Leadership Team.

Kramer Cares select causes that reflect interests and passions in the communities we serve, and the committee puts in the time, effort, and creativity to help make a real impact. Our committee meets monthly to identify charities to support, annual events to attend and team volunteering activities.  Every month a different charity is selected and a developed unified effort is created to drive awareness and support for our intended goals and objectives.

Align Priorities with our Mission Statement.

As part of our mission to be the best company we can and to help the communities we serve, we are honored and proud to have contributed to a variety of local non-profits. Through Kramer Cares, we will continue to broaden our mission and find ways to contribute to and improve the communities around us.

 Make Giving Part of the Company Culture.

We take on philanthropic efforts to help others, but the reality is that they help us too. Volunteering can help us gain a new sense of belonging, make new friends, and connect with our communities.

When you make philanthropy part of your company culture, you build your reputation within your team and within the community––all while doing good.

When you put together the right leadership team, align the priorities with your company mission and make giving part of the company culture, the sky’s the limit of what the charitable arm can accomplish.

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About Kramer Beverage 

Kramer Beverage is South Jersey’s largest award winning beer wholesaler, owned and operated by four generations of the Kramer family since 1924. Kramer Beverage is based out of Hammonton, Atlantic County, and services eight counties in southern New Jersey with top brands from Molson Coors, Constellation, Yuengling, Boston Beer, Heineken USA, Pabst, Diageo, FIFCO, and more. Kramer Beverage also distributes a wide variety of craft beers, from suppliers such as New Belgium and Sierra Nevada, to local favorites including Flying Fish, Double Nickel, Evil Genius, Glasstown, and 2SP. For more information on Kramer Beverage, please visit

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