Kramer Cares donates to Brain Cancer Families

Kramer Cares supports an employee who focuses on Childhood Brain Cancer for the month of May.

In early fall of 2018, Melissa Allen, a member of our finance team, was taking her son, Cody, for an MRI due to troubling headaches. It was the start of a diagnosis of Brain Cancer that no one expects, especially at the early age of eleven. Childhood Cancer hits families unexpectedly and rocks your world with complete shock and disbelief.

Cody quickly went to surgery to remove the tumor, called juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma, it was a golf ball size tumor sitting on the optical nerve.

The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, known as CHOP, doctors surgically removed about 20% of the tumor. Cody then endured chemotherapy for 14 months.

Spending all this time at the hospital and enduring multiple treatments, CHOP made Melissa aware of its extensive network of support groups, organizations, social workers, and foundations to help aid the children and their families through this difficult period. Melissa was beyond grateful for the assistance to make a difficult period more manageable.

Today, Cody is now Cancer free. Cody and his family have met so many people, other warriors, families, and amazing organizations, that the Family started Team Cody Gives Back.

Team Cody Gives Back provides financial aid for current children cancer sufferers and their families. This monetary help makes the Cancer prognosis a little less agonizing and uncomfortable.

This May, Kramer Cares created T-shirts for staff, their families, and friends for a $5 purchase. We also had a raffle at our Keep Things Fun Event supporting this initiative. Not only are we advocating for Childhood Cancer but recognizing Melissa and acknowledging the struggle of this disease and to support her and Cody in giving back.

In May Kramer Cares raised $2000 and will be contributing it all to Hurrikanen’s Kids.

If you would like to support this cause, please contact

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