POS Marketing Is Critical To Sales Success

Relevant and timely messaging is key to educating customers, minimizing friction and building purchase consideration.

Merchandising in stores to cultivate  brand image, improve customer experience, and drive sales.

All of this points to the importance of engaging with consumers on an individual level.  In order to maintain customers and continue to grow, retailers need to foster personalized relationships through showing of understanding  likes, interests, preferences and deliver in the right moments.

While ecommerce is still growing in its market share, Adentro’s National Foot Traffic Report found that between January and August of 2021, foot traffic was up an average of 53% across industries. One of the best ways to capitalize on this potential and increase your foot traffic is through smart merchandising. Use effective merchandising in your window displays, aisle end caps or outside of your store to catch the eyes of passersby and entice them to come inside.

Promoting specials or sales will draw customers into your space by enticing them with the possibilities of deals. Promotional events create a sense of urgency among buyers, causing them to want to make immediate purchases to capitalize on limited-time deals.

Most people have an attention span of eight seconds. Some 65% of people learn visually and showing visuals can increase a customer’s message retention by 42%. POS displays are a great way to create a visual stimulus around a product.

POS displays are great for breaking up clutter in high-volume product areas, filling open space, and guiding customers through your store. Think about what areas of your store have monotonous shelving or little diversity in product. These might be great places to feature POS displays to help create visual interest and break up repetitive visual areas.

  • Timing: While you want to maximize the time that seasonal displays are effective, you do not want to put them out too early.
  • Consistency: Don’t let your seasonal display exist in a vacuum.
  • Relevancy: Your brand or market specifically might benefit from highlighting a time of year. Seasonal merchandising might help make products more relevant to customers and help people see the importance of what’s Hot at that moment.

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