Retail Displays Matter

Summer is here and the July 4th weekend brings us huge incremental revenue dollars for sales.

July 4th ranks as the top incremental sales weeks of the year.  The incremental value of July 4th provides as much as Christmas and New Years combined. 

July 4th brings about an $27.8M incremental dollars to the alcohol business. Are you ready?

More than three out of four shoppers (75%) notice a display in store, and 44% of shoppers will add on purchased based on a display.

Retail Displays Matter!

  1. Provide additional inventory and avoid out of stocks
  2. Incremental dollars 
  3. Beer displays enjoy a 10% lift in revenue
  4. Highlighting innovation- NEW!
  5. Drive variety packs
  6. Promote participation in sweepstakes/consumer rebate

Our Merchandising teams work on displays to help drive consumers to decide at the point of purchase and for retailers to sell more.

To break through the clutter and ensure merchandising pieces work the hardest for brands, retailers should embrace tactics that help the shopper make a buying decision, understanding what the product is, how to use the product or what occasion it is targeted for, merchandising tools should help shoppers navigate and select.

Well-selected displays can enhance the store, establish its reputation, encourage the customer, and drive incremental sales.

Iconic display items and more engaging tactics to leverage the shopper’s interest, provide education and engage with the consumer while they are in the store.

Shoppers are looking for impactful, inspiring displays that catch their attention and get them excited to celebrate the holiday.

Creating stories about how consumers can interact with a product (examples are below).

Planning deliberate and thoughtful cross-promotional efforts throughout the store can heighten shoppers’ interactions with other categories, which means higher basket rings.

Contact your Kramer sales rep to get those high impact displays in your store.

Source: MCBC Shopper Pulse April 2022

Source :IRI data

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