Shiner Ruby Redbird

Shiner was well ahead of the curve when they first brewed Ruby Redbird in 2011. Long before wellness trends became all the rage for breweries looking to capitalize on low-calorie, high-flavor offerings, Ruby Redbird gave drinkers what they were looking for: all-natural fruit flavors and a low-calorie content.

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With open cuts of grapefruit, sweeps of leafy greens and ginger accents, Shiner’s artwork leverages what makes Ruby Redbird so special.

Now Shiner is pushing the envelope even further. This past year, their brewers have developed a new recipe that doubles down on what makes Ruby Redbird great – a tart, fruit-forward lager that now clocks an even lower 85 calories. As they prepare to unveil Ruby Redbird 2.0 to their faithful fans, they’ve also decided to join forces with the acclaimed creative minds at Bakery Agency to render a new look for this refreshing lager.

“Our primary objective with this redesign was to position Ruby Redbird as the best, crisp, light and refreshing beer with a kick,” says Shiner District Manager Eddie Miller. “We really wanted to emphasize the juicy and refreshing nature of this light and flavorful beer.” With open cuts of grapefruit, sweeps of leafy greens and ginger accents, Shiner’s artwork leverages what makes this beer so special.

Inspired by the real Texas grapefruits of the Rio Grande Valley that are showcased in the beer, Ruby Redbird has developed a cult following for drinkers looking for an alternative to a basic vodka soda, with fewer calories, 1g of sugar, 3g of carbs and 0g of fat.

“The fact that this beer has so much flavor and is only 85 calories makes it the perfect refreshment for days that make you feel like you’re in Texas,” says Miller. “To draw attention to that aspect, we thought it would be fun to give the calorie callout a sticker treatment, similar to the stickers you’d find on fresh produce at local fruit stands or farmers markets.”

Since transitioning from a summer seasonal to a year-round offering, Ruby Redbird has done big business as part of Shiner’s lineup, registering as the top-seller behind Shiner Bock in the Southeastern PA region. “The brand has developed its own following, and with this redesign we’re hoping to reach even more consumers.”

Brewed with pure 2-row and Munich malt, the addition of Mt. Hood, Citra and Willamette hops lend Ruby Redbird a perfectly blended, satisfying finish. And now the fruit-forward artwork looks as delicious as the liquid inside.

Pucker up and enjoy!

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