Veryvell, A New Category of Grown-Up Refreshment

CBD drinks have arrived in New Jersey.

New Jersey started adult-use cannabis sales on Thursday, April 21st, 2022. The outlook for New Jersey and cannabis is the state will be the third largest contributor to sales. As retailers, you should take advantage of this opportunity and add CBD drinks to your portfolio. CBD from Hemp is non-intoxicating and will not get you high and is well known for a variety of health uses and benefits and is often enjoyed in daily wellness routines.

Enter Truss and Veryvell, a partnership of Molson Coors and Hexo Corp. Both companies trusted in quality of standards, trustworthy sourcing, and production, one in beverages and one in Cannabis. Flavor meets function with only 4 natural perfectly bended ingredients.  This superior mixture delivers high adsorption rates, predictable experience & liquid clarity.

Veryvell is looking to make New Jersey meet and exceed the sales growth of Cannabis drinks by taking a deep dive into the audience metrics and noting the significance of the shared interest of alcohol and cannabis.

Forty-three percent (43%) of Alcohol Consumer also consume Cannabis- 

Sixty-eight percent (86%) of Cannabis consumers also consume Alcohol

Source: BDSA Covid-19 and the Changing Cannabis Market, October 2020.

Like all beverages Cannabis (CBD) drinks are also associated with occasions, which helps get support from POS and cooler and shelf placement. Cannabis purchased can be highly incremental as they are purchased in 86% of different consumption occasions.  This shows that you could have 4.2 customers out of 5 providing additional incremental dollars coming to your store from CBD drinks.

Fifty percent (50%) will be separate times of day or days of the week

Thirty-six percent (36%) purchase both 

Source: BDSA Covid-19 and the Changing Cannabis Market, October 2020.

Veryvell satisfies both the experienced consumers CDB pallet as well as consumers new to CBD and looking for a delicious healthy and wellness sparkling water. Try it today; to boost your clarity, restore your balance, or let go of the day. 


Three Flavors – each with 20mg CBD from Hemp

  Carbonated Water with CBD 20 mg, Adaptogens and Natural flavors

          Zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs

Focus- Ginseng guarana, grapefruit & tarragon

          Mind & Body- Elderberry, ashwagandha, strawberry & hibiscus

          Unwind- L-theanine, ashwagandha, blueberry & lavender

Talk to your Kramer Sales rep about sampling Veryvell for your customers or adding it to your order.

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