Beer Goes Green



In honor of Earth Day this year, Kramer Beverage wanted to highlight a few breweries that are going above and beyond on their own to make the world a better, eco-friendly place.

Great Lakes

Great Lakes set up a #MonthOfService campaign for the month of April, which involves their volunteers using reusable straws. They are ditching the plastic straws for good! Great Lakes strives in its sustainability initiatives. Here a few things they do.

  • Use water stewardship by reducing and reusing water within their bottling and cleaning process.
  • Use local foods and farming to have organic produce and spending goes to their local farm.
  • Use waste as an opportunity to re-purpose.


Guinness recently announced that they are getting rid of all plastic! By the year 2020, the well-known Irish Brewery will be using 100% recycle and biodegradable cardboard for all packaging of their products. They are getting rid of plastic rings and shrink wrap.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish made their brewery sustainability. It is a showcase for recycling, reuse, and conservation. It is not only good for the environment but better for business down the road. Here are just a few things in their brewery that they made an effort to become eco-friendly.

  • Passive solar lighting.
  • They are four hundred sixty-three solar panels on the roof of the brewery.
  • All brewing equipment uses several innovations to reduce the number of pumps required.
  • Installed a Rain Garden to capture the rain and percolate back into the ground.
  • Grains spending for their beer goes to a local dairy farmer for feed.
  • All carpets in the offices were rescued–brand new–from the dumpster of a multinational company.
  • Recycle all paper, metal, plastic, glass, and pallets.

New Belgium

In 2008, New Belgium was the first brewery to join the organization called 1% for the planet. Now more than ten years later, Fat Tire Amber Ale remains committed to ensuring the future of our only home. 1% for the Planet certifies that at least 1% of Fat Tire sales go directly to nonprofits working to protect our shared resources.


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