Best Beers for Fall

Roasty, smoky, malty. These are just a few of the mouth-watering adjectives people use to describe the flavors of fall beers. With so many choices, do you ever wonder what you should be drinking as the cooler weather sets in?

We asked a handful of beer pros from around the country to recommend some of their favorites.

Sean Lavery, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

“I would say scotch ales are my favorite to drink in the cooler months. Malty, with high ABVs – they really hit the spot.”

Dan Grandrino, Evil Genius Brewing Co.

“I would say porters and pumpkin-spiced beers are some of my favorite styles/flavors to drink during the fall season. Trick or Treat has both. It’s a fun take on a pumpkin and porter beer. With sweet chocolate upfront and a touch of cinnamon spice on the back end, this beer reminds me of dipping a spiced wafer cookie into hot cocoa. At 7.8% ABV, you’ll only need 2-3 to feel festive.”

Kirk LaVecchia, Flying Fish Brewing Co.

“Hoodie and fire pit weather calls for a rich, toasty, malty German-style Oktoberfest with faint caramel tones. The dry finish adds to the drinkability as well. It just so happens we make that exact beer at Flying Fish. So enjoy an Oktoberfish while it lasts.”

Steve Forman, Great Lakes Brewing Co.

“I would have to say schwarzbier is the style I enjoy most in the fall. The main reason I don’t brew one is that I’m pretty busy at that time, brewing wet hop beers and pumpkin ales. Both are pretty time consuming for us because we grow and harvest all the fresh hops and pumpkins for both of these beers. I actually roast all of the pumpkins myself in our restaurant’s kitchen.”

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