Bootleggers Liquor Outlet

Located in Northfield, New Jersey, Bootleggers Liquor Outlet provides its customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Featuring a sizeable temperature-controlled wine room, a variety of liquor, meat, and cheese selections, as well as a vast array of craft beers that is updated regularly, Bootleggers is sure to have a product that will meet your needs.

After opening its doors in 2011, owners Howard Solomon and Andy Simpson were committed to providing a luxury shopping experience for both local and online customers at affordable prices. With a price match guarantee, customers know they are receiving the best price. Additionally, Bootleggers consistently features discounted products, as well as weekly specials. In the words of manager Ryan Courtney, “Shop at the Boot and save some loot!”

Customer service and convenience are paramount at Bootleggers. The store is extremely accessible and can be navigated with ease. Customers can also place their order in advance and have it dropped off at their car free of charge. Their personalities, knowledge, and overall friendliness make shopping at Bootleggers an enjoyable experience. Heady Times recently spoke with managers Meggan Advena and Ryan Courtney to learn more about their upcoming plans, and how Bootleggers is going above and beyond to please their customers.

Heady Times (HT): You have a vast craft beer selection available to your customers, how do you keep the products new and exciting?

Meggan and Ryan (M&R): Our customers provide us with recommendations that keep us on our toes. We communicate with our customers to ensure that the products that we carry are meeting their needs. Additionally, most of our employees are fans of craft beer, so their knowledge is valuable. Our suppliers, whether they are brewery reps, or salespeople from wholesale distributors, such as John Parkhill from Kramer Beverage, are always providing us with samples and information about upcoming products to keep the store fresh. We try our best to be ahead of the curve when it comes to carrying products that are just released to give our customers the best deal possible.

HT: Nowadays, the alcoholic beverage industry is very crowded. What does Bootleggers bring to the table that sets them apart from other liquor stores in an increasingly competitive industry?

M&R: If a customer notices a new product that he or she would like to try, but does not want to commit to buying a whole case, Bootleggers features an extensive single-serve beer aisle. Customers create their very own six-pack and save themselves the trouble of purchasing an entire case, all while enjoying a variety of different beers. Our prices are also second to none. We offer a price match guarantee to ensure the customer is paying the lowest price possible for their products. Another thing that sets us apart is our customer service. At Bootleggers, we treat everyone like family. Our staff is extremely friendly and will not hesitate to ask you about your day or assist you in making the right choice based on your needs.

HT: What do you enjoy most about the business?

M&R: We love interacting with the customers. Over the years, we have built relationships with some of our regulars and are always meeting new people. Sometimes, the customer may be more knowledgeable about a particular product than we are, so it is nice to be able to learn about our products while helping our customers. The industry is constantly innovating and bringing new products into the market. We have to stay on our feet and adapt to the fast-paced environment that we are working in.

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