Cheers Wine & Spirits

Cheers Wine & Spirits opened for business in May 2018 and has quickly a popular destination for beer, wine, and spirits from all over the world. Their low prices are unmatched, and they offer a diverse line-up of tastings to suit all types of drinkers nearly every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Heady Times caught up with Cheers Manager Eric Coudrai to learn more about the new store.

Heady Times (HT)What sets Cheers apart in such a competitive industry? 

Eric Coudrai (EC):  We are not your typical liquor store or outlet. After their first steps in, customers are amazed not just by the layout of the store, but also our selection. Our “Cheers Club” offers the lowest and most competitive prices for the products we carry.  We also price match any item, so our customers always know they are getting the best possible price.  In addition, we offer the largest selection of cold beer, wine, and liquor in the area. Our staff is well trained, and there is always a manager available and ready to answer questions and make product suggestions.


HT:  What do you enjoy most about the business? 

EC:    I really enjoy the other industry professionals I work with every week. Many days can be stressful and physically demanding, but there’s never a dull moment. Whether it’s a delivery driver’s joke or a chat with a sales representative, it is the little things that make a huge difference during a long day at work.  Of course, all the beer is great, but it’s definitely the people who work in this industry that I appreciate the most.


HT:  How many employees do you have?
EC:  We currently have ten employees at our Voorhees location, including myself.  We also have a team that handles many of the back office responsibilities; they specialize in marketing and ensuring our website is up to date.


HT:  How do you decide which beers to bring in? 

EC:  Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so all customer requests are taken into serious consideration.  It is impossible to carry them all, but, I try to include products from local breweries whenever possible.  I do my best to stay on top of new craft beer ratings online and choose items that are available in our area.  In addition to craft, we ensure that we always carry the latest releases from our larger, mainstay breweries.


HT:  How do you decide where to place products in the cooler? 

EC:  Not everything can be at eye level, so it is crucial to determine which products take prime positions.  We take profit margins into consideration, as well as how fast products move from the shelf.  Since we are a new store, we are always moving things around and testing different locations.  If something does not do well initially, we’ll move it into a better position and likely see an improvement in sales. It is also essential for us to move things around according to the time of year, considering the large volume of seasonal choices available to the consumer.


HT:  What industry trends do you think will have the most impact in 2019? 

EC:  Anything “wellness-oriented” will do very well.  The hard seltzer market will continue to grow, but, the new items being released this year may slow down the growth as the target consumers are always looking to try the next new thing.  There is a lot of opportunity in the better-for-you category.  At Cheers, we have tried many of these new products, but nothing compares to the volume of hard seltzers we move.

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