Chickie’s & Pete’s Marlton

Location, Location, Location! This was the key factor for Chickie’s and Pete’s decision to open in Marlton, NJ in March. Proudly known as the “center of town,” the location on Route 73 has been the ideal spot for local gatherings for years. Today, it proudly serves crab fries, a variety of cold beer, and the promise of a good time.

Heady Times had the opportunity to check out the new space and speak with General Manager Alvin Cintron about the evolution of the business, and the exciting features guests can expect when they step foot in Chickie’s and Pete’s Marlton.

Heady Times (HT): What do you enjoy most about the business?

Alvin Cintron (AC): The ability to evolve. As a company, we have grown so much in the past 10 years. With every step, we have our guests in mind. Listening and implementing positive change, while remaining true to our roots is a delicate balance, but one that we relish. In my eyes, we do it well. Whether it’s craft beer, craft cocktails, or menu changes, we take pride in growing and adapting to our guests’ tastes and preferences.

HT: What makes Marlton stand out from your other locations?

AC: To begin, our dual video walls. We have two different large format walls made up of12, 47″ TV’s and the other made up of 12, 55″ TV’s. They alone can show 24 different events or two (one each) massive screens showing big events such as Philly sports team playoffs! The other feature wouldbe our outside patio. We took extra attention in creating a very functional space that included an outside bar as well as a dining area. There are a few variations of it at other locations, but this one is our coolest yet, with an 18 seat full service bar, several dining areas, and an outside fire pit with lounge seating. Definitely a great hang out spot when the weather permits!

HT: How do you decide which beers to bring in?

AC: Myself and my bar manager are the target audience when it comes to craft beer. We both dabbled in some brewing and have very strong relationships with brewers and brewery owners in the area. We offer options. We are not solely craft and we aren’t solely domestic/import. We take pride in showcasing rare, and local beers, but we also know what has the mass appeal that many of our guests are looking for.

HT: What was significant about the job fair you held earlier this year to staff Chickie’s and Pete’s Marlton?

AC: The job fair was a blast! We met so many fantastic individuals from the area. A lot of lasting impressions still linger in my mind.We hired a little less than 200 total employees initially, and we continue to look for talent everyday. This area offers so much talent and quality individuals.  It made the process tough, but having to choose from a large pool of talent is a great problem to have.

HT: How do you set yourself apart in an increasingly competitive industry?

ACOur corner bar mentality.Regardless of how much we grow as a company, we pride ourselves in elevating our guests’ experience. Whether it’s taking time to listen to someone’s story, or just a good, old-fashioned handshake and a smile,we take pride in making our place your home.


Chickie’s and Pete’s Fast Facts

  • Started in 1977 in the Mayfair section of Northeast Philadelphia
  • The business was started by Pete’s mom and dad (Chickie and Pete!) and then passed on to their son Pete
  • Over 2,000 employees company wide
  • The other New Jersey locations include Atlantic City, Bordentown, Glassboro, and Egg Harbor Township
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