Cinder Bar

Something is heating up out in East Greenwich, and, if you haven’t driven down Berkley Road in the last few weeks, you may have missed it.  Rising out of the field is a new complex anchored by a bar that has all of South Jersey buzzing.  Cinder Bar is the third venture opened by Bob Ciconte and Tony Stavola, owners of the Village Pubs in Logan and Sewell.  Building upon their success, they took a leap of faith and opened the new bar in June. 

While the shopping center may be new, that’s certainly not the feel that the restaurant gives off when you walk through the doors of Cinder Bar.  Exposed brickwork, copper fixtures, and Mason jar lighting are just a few of the touches that instantly transport guests back to the era of prohibition.  Custom brick murals and handmade tables crafted from local, naturally fallen trees give the Cinder Bar the true feel of a bygone era.  Bob’s wife Gina designed the interior to reflect the local area’s history with an early 1900s feel. 

Interwoven within that classic feel are distinctly modern touches.  Phone charging stations are at bar seats, and a digital beer menu keeps all the local aficionados apprised of the current lineup The digital signage also features videos that give guests behind the scenes peeks of how the food and specialty cocktails are prepared. General Manager Greg Wright said, “When our guests come in, they are watching our Food Network the process of their food being made.”   

Using the Village Pub Logan as a testing facility, they built and tweaked the menu over the last year.  They would add a special for the day, gain feedback from the guests, and if it tested well, it was added to the menu for Cinder Bar.  What remains after is a very unique and refined menu that is praised by local patrons.   

Greg mentioned that Kramer Beverage’s extensive portfolio is it’s greatest asset, and makes ordering a breeze. Cinder Bar features a rotating craft beer lineup, but always keeps New Belgium Fat Tire on a dedicated line.  They recommend Fat Tire as a “gateway beer” to let new craft drinkers learn what else is out there in the great world of beer.  Philadelphia’s Evil Genius Beer Company is already a hit with Cinder Bar’s crowd, who enjoy the brewery’s catchy names and relaxed attitude. 

If the crowd gathered at the bar just minutes after opening on a Friday afternoon is any indication, Cinder Bar will be a hot spot for many years to come. 

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