Cooler Door Optimization

New studies and statistics help determine cooler door layouts that will maximize profits.

In the off-premise and grocery accounts, the customer base and the number of cooler doors, and overall space can vary widely.  Erik Yerkes, Kramer Beverage’s Space Management Specialist, says that accounts should, “Recognize two strategies to maximize cooler door optimization: product flow and category captains.”

Each cooler door should have a flow that makes it convenient for a consumer to shop. Depending on how many doors an account has, they should be broken into easily recognizable categories. One example of a flow would be a single-serve door, followed by FMBs (leading with seltzers), ciders, crafts, imports, premium/domestic, and economy.

But how can consumers easily recognize each cooler door’s category? By the door’s category captain, a high-velocity product that indicates what type of products that door will hold. For example, if a consumer is entering a store looking for Corona 12-packs, the last thing you want is for them to be looking high and low for their desired product. Having that Corona 12-pack as a category captain placed front and center in your import door, helps consumers shop.

Our Space Management and Merchandising Teams are available to support your business and can provide the following benefits in the cooler;

  • Interior /Exterior POS, Pricing Tags, Hi-Impact Displays
  • Innovation
  • Clear Product/Segment by the Cooler Door  
  • Renovation of Shelves 
  • Better Item Mix

By using these optimization strategies, utilizing our Space Management Team, and your own knowledge of the customer base, you will maximize profits and have your customers coming back for more! Contact your Kramer sales tep for more information or place your order today!




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