Fin’s Bar and Grille

Cape May is the most southern tip of New Jersey. Just a quick 45 minutes from Atlantic City, and a 90-minute ferry ride from Delaware, this is the place to vacation in New Jersey during the summer. The town lines the beach with a quaint village, filled with local shops, restaurants, and B&B’s. If you take a short walk from the beach to the corner of Carpenters Lane and Decatur Street, you’ll come across a deep blue building where one thing comes to mind: the ocean.
Fin’s Bar & Grille is not your typical Cape May seafood restaurant. For starters, it’s open year-round. This is great news if you’re a local and hate seeing your favorite bars close after the summer months pass. Also, there’s an outdoor patio that’s dog-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home. Finally, the inside is one of the most unique setups you’ll encounter, not only Cape May, but perhaps in the state of New Jersey.
Besides being greeted by every employee you see, you’re also greeted by two giant fish tanks. One is located on the back wall of the dining area, while the other separates the open-concept bar and dining area. The fish tanks alone are a great conversation starter whether at the bar meeting new friends, or sitting down and dining with family. With a touch of modern decorations and tons of class, this is clearly one of the coolest bars to enjoy in Cape May.
Jimmy Gonzalez has been the general manager of Fin’s Bar & Grille since it opened in 2015. Gonzalez prides himself on the experience customers have while dining here. He understands that people choose where to spend their money, and he makes sure that his customers want to spend it at Fin’s. “As soon as you walk in the door you’ll be greeted by somebody,” he says. “It’s important that people don’t go unnoticed because that impacts how they feel about the food, the drinks, and the prices here.”
During the summer, Fin’s is constantly filled with people eating and drinking. But how does a new bar like this maintain their presence during the off-season? “We keep people coming back by offering unique events like tap takeovers, happy hour deals, and live entertainment,” Gonzalez says. Every Thursday – Sunday nights are when you can expect events to go on.
“We don’t want people to get bored. So we have different bands, from Philly and Jersey, every weekend. This keeps things fresh for the locals that frequent our bar during the winter”. You’ll also find Gonzalez’s employees to be very well-informed on the various craft beers they carry.
Gonzalez does his own research, along with the information that Kramer Beverage Retail Account Manager Roy Abrams gives him. Gonzalez will hang up quick guides as to what new beers are like. Alcohol content, IBUs, flavors, and food pairings are among the important elements that he believes could help sell the beer better. “Whenever we get the chance to try new beers, I have my employees taste it and give me their feedback. I want to know if they think they can sell this to our customers and whether or not they believe our customers will like it.”
This team mentality that Gonzalez has is definitely what keeps Fin’s an impressive spot for not only the customers, but for the employees as well.
Looking for more reasons to come visit Fin’s Bar & Grille in Cape May? Tap takeovers of craft beers and reverse happy hour are two reasons people keep coming back. The tap takeovers give you the chance to try beers you might not normally find in bars and the reverse happy hour is easy on your wallet but allows you to taste quality brews and unique food (like flatbread pizza) at an affordable price.
Now, time to dive in to your new favorite Cape May seafood bar and restaurant: Fin’s Bar & Grille, located at 142 Decatur St, Cape May, NJ.

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