Introducing Vizzy Hard Seltzer

It is no secret that hard seltzer’s grand entrance into the beverage industry has caused a ton of disruption. The exponential growth and popularity that this category has experienced in such a short amount of time can be attributed to consumers choosing to drink the lower calorie, lower carb, “healthier” alternatives to the traditional alcoholic beverages. Although these beverages contain significantly less calories and carbs than other leading alcoholic beverages, classifying them as a healthy alternative couldn’t be further from the truth. Molson Coors Beverage Co, formally known as Miller Coors, is challenging the status quo with their introduction of a hard seltzer that is bound to catch the eye of health-conscious drinkers everywhere. In a crowded category where innovation is key to success, Molson Coors is doing just that.

Introducing Vizzy Hard Seltzer. The first beverage to enter the hard seltzer category containing high levels of the antioxidant, Vitamin C. Traditional hard seltzer’s, for example, the category-leading White Claw, lack vitamins, minerals, as well as other essential nutrients to keep your body at its peak performance. Vizzy is the first hard seltzer to be made with acerola cherry, which is a super fruit that is extremely high in Vitamin C. According to Molson Coors, the liquid contains roughly thirty times more Vitamin C per cup than an orange. Additionally, Vizzy is naturally gluten-free, made from fermented cane sugar, and contains 100 calories. Most importantly, Vizzy still clocks in at an impressive 5% ABV.

So, health professionals, fitness gurus, athletes, and consumers looking for potentially better drink choices: Do I have your attention yet?

Vizzy will soon be available in a variety of different flavor combinations, strategically thought up by the Master Cicerones at Molson Coors including black cherry lime, pomegranate blueberry, strawberry kiwi, and pineapple mango. When tested against the most popular flavors of black cherry and mango seltzers that are already available to consumers, Vizzy outperformed them all. Consumers will be able to enjoy all of the flavors of Vizzy in a 12-pack variety. Pineapple mango will also be available in a stand-alone 6- pack, as well as both 16 and 24oz cans.

With new hard seltzers entering into the category constantly, gaining recognition and brand awareness is not an easy accomplishment. Brand loyalty has most likely already been decided, and the numbers certainly show it. Molson Coors, who plans to aggressively compete in this category, is making sure that Vizzy stands out from its competition from the time it is sealed in the can. Given the high concentration of Vitamin C that is found in oranges, Vizzy will be offered in a very aesthetically appealing and eye-Catching fluorescent orange package that is sure to stand out from the mostly white, dull packaging of the competition. Additionally, Molson Coors is launching a massive media campaign where they will be reaching millions of consumers through social media, influencers, TV, as well as other creative tactics, including website takeovers where the entire page will be transformed into fluorescent orange.

It was only a matter of time before Molson Coors followed their beer giant counterparts, such as Constellation Brands and AB, and launched a hard seltzer. Their creativity, research and development, will to succeed in the category, and passion to fulfill the needs of their consumers are some of the many things that will make Molson Coors a future powerhouse in this category. The hard seltzer category is here to stay. And with Vizzy, the only way is up.



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