Roger Wilco Sicklerville

Take one step into Roger Wilco of Sicklerville and you know you won’t just be coming out of there with one six-pack. The vast selection available makes deciding what type of beer to buy just as hard as convincing yourself not to spend your life savings on alcohol. 

Beer manager at Roger Wilco, Mike Kleinz, urges customers to stay away from selecting a beer solely based on price, but instead, choose a beer based on its style and flavor profile.

“I prefer to help customers find a beer that we know they will enjoy.” Before becoming beer manager, Kleinz worked in the store, stocking the shelves with the wide variety of products that they offer. This is where he learned what’s actually in the packages, what the products are, and all the details about beer flavors and styles, not only for his own benefit, but to help those customers who come in looking for a new taste. 

Kleinz frequently finds more customers who are looking to branch out to new styles. “The person that comes in every weekend buying a Coors Light six-pack is also coming in asking for the newest Brooklyn Lager flavor,” he stated. One thing Kleinz stresses is not to get overwhelmed! You could take his approach and work your way down the aisles. He says he’s trying as many different beer varieties as he can, and so far, hasn’t had a brew more than once. That’s both impressive and believable when considering how large of a store Roger Wilco in Sicklerville is, and how diverse their beer selection is.  

The most common question people ask him: what’s good? “People want to know what else is out there” in regards to the newest flavor of the week. He finds Roger Wilco’s buying habits mimic this concept. He’ll order a few cases of one particular flavor and once that runs out, he’ll bring in another completely different product and place it out on the floor for people to try. 

If you’re the type of buyer that wants to taste something before you buy it, that’s no problem. At least once a week, Roger Wilco (owned by Dan DiSabatino) sets up tastings/samplings of products for customers. Kleinz notices that there is a direct correlation between these tastings, and increases in sales of the particular products being showcased.

“We carry a lot of everything! Especially craft!” With one whole aisle dedicated to craft brewers, a customer’s curiosity is what will get them buying different products every week.  

Kleinz credits his Kramer Beverage rep, Joe Burriesci, for making the ordering side of beer easy. The relationship between the two is professional which gets the job done in a smooth and timely manner. With a “keep the business going mentality,” Kleinz and the team at Roger Wilco rarely run into problems. As for the eye-catching displays that our merchandisers create? Customers tend to enjoy the creativity behind them, often asking if the props are available for purchase. Corona’s Jon Gruden bobblehead gets people’s attention as well as their Cinco de Mayo beach display in store! 

The team at Roger Wilco sees this business only expanding. “It’s a no-fail industry,” says Klein. They not only appreciate their relationship with Kramer Beverage, but they appreciate their customers; new, old, and future who continue to make Roger Wilco their go-to beverage store. 

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