Sourland Mountain Spirits

LOCATED ON DOUBLE BROOK FARM, SOURLAND MOUNTAIN SPIRITS shares an old eight-acre estate with two other local businesses who are committed to making excellent hand-crafted products; Troon Brewing Co.and Brick Farm Tavern.

Sourland Mountain Spirits in Hopewell is New Jersey’s Farm Distillery. A builder by nature, Ray Disch founded Sourland Mountain Spirits in 2015 with the drive to create wonderful tasting craft spirits to share with the community. Using the finest local ingredients crafted by a talented and skilled team, the distillery produces and sells a variety of craft spirits including their flagship, Sourland Mountain Gin. They also make a vodka, silver rum, and a smoky reserved gin, as well as a spiced rum, apple brandy, and bourbon.

The spirits-making process is slow and requires the utmost care and attention to detail – from mashing the grains to fermenting, distilling and finally, bottling. Pour yourself a gin and tonic and read on to discover the world of distilling at Sourland Mountain Spirits.

  1. The distillers spent 18 months testing distillation and experimenting with over 50 botanicals before they nailed their gin recipe. Their hard work paid off, resulting in a Silver Medal at San Francisco’s International Spirits Competition in 2017 for their newly perfected Sourland Mountain Gin.
  2. Ray co-founded Triumph Brewing Company in Princeton in 1995, and helped lobby the state to make brewpubs legal to operate in the state of New Jersey. With the itch to get back in the business of producing a craft product, along with changing state laws, Sourland Mountain Spirits came to life.
  3. Sourland Mountain Rum is a smooth, unaged silver rum made from Black Pearl, a very high-quality molasses. The silver rum is aged for a few months in a barrel.
  4. The bottle and packaging design captures the true essence of the farm location, while encouraging customers to visit their unique site, take a tour, taste the spirits, and buy the bottled product. The bottles come from France, and their labels were created in conjunction with a major packaging and marketing firm in Connecticut.
  5. As the distillery’s best selling spirit, Sourland Mountain Gin was rated a 92 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2018. Sourland Mountain Vodka, Barrel-aged Gin, and Rum also have 92 ratings.
  6. The Sourland Mountain region is the largest relatively uninterrupted forest in Central Jersey. Forty percent of all the electricity used on the farm site comes from multiple solar arrays. Both the distillery and the brewery use well water from the old aquifer beneath the Sourland Mountains.
  7. The distillery’s soon-to-be-released apple brandy is made from sweet, fresh apple cider from Terhune’s Orchard, five miles from the distillery in Lawrence Township.
  8. The facility is 2,400 square-feet, with the recent addition of 800 square-feet for a first-floor tasting and product sales room, along with a second-floor community meeting room, which is free for local, nonprofit groups and organizations. The capacity of the new addition holds about 30 people between both floors. All guests of the distillery are either human or canine.
  9. Sourland’s first batch of bourbon was recently released. The organic corn and rye ingredients are from the ZING family farm, seven miles from Sourland Mountain in Ringoes.
  10. Sourland Mountain Spirits are currently sold only in New Jersey, however there are plans to expand into Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Florida.

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