Spiked and Sparkling

Summer is approaching, and we know you want to look and feel your best but also enjoy a nice drink by the pool or beach. The products listed below are beverages; you will not have to feel guilty about consuming — these drinks co-inside with being health-conscious in an active and adventurous lifestyle. Enjoy!

Spiked Still and Sparkling Water & Cocktails

White Claw Hard Seltzer

White claw is a hard seltzer with an ABV of 5%. It is gluten-free with all natural flavors and only 100 calories and two grams of sugar for consumers to enjoy life without feeling guilty.

  • Try White Claw’s new seltzer, Pure. Your perfect alternative to vodka & soda!

Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water

This zero sugar and only 88 calorie drink is your perfect alternative! It is refreshing and tasteful!

Truly Hard Seltzer

Appealing to active, health-conscious consumers, this 5% ABV refreshing drink is made with all- natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or sweeteners and only 100 calories!

Crook & Marker

Crook & Marker are the only spiked and sparkling beverages of their kind. They have zero sugar and organic alcohol, along with a bold and refreshing flavor.

Cape Line

These sparkling cocktails are the perfect summer drink for consumers who want to drink better choices but do not have to sacrifice a great taste! They have no artificial flavors, are gluten-free and only 120 calories!

Arctic Summer Polar Hard Seltzer

A collaboration between Worcester-based seltzer company Polar Seltzer and Boston’s Harpoon Brewery have joined forces to create a new brand of hard seltzer!

Corona Refresca

This spiked refresher is your next pool party buy! These refreshers are perfect for the summer with great taste and no guilt! The drinks remind us of a premium sparkling water with a splash of alcohol!

Hard Frescos

Introducing the first hard sparkling agua fresca! These cold-fermented aguas frescas use a unique blend of real fruit, extracts, natural flavors and yeast!

SVEDKA Spiked Premium Seltzer

SVEDKA Spiked Premium Seltzers are refreshing and blended with premium natural flavors. With 120 calories, 2g carbs and no added sugar, this is a premium seltzer choice for you!


About Kramer Beverage

Kramer Beverage is South Jersey’s largest beer wholesaler, owned and operated by four generations of the Kramer family since 1924.  Kramer Beverage is based out of Hammonton, Atlantic County, and services eight counties in southern New Jersey with top brands from MillerCoors, Constellation, Yuengling, Boston Beer, Heineken USA, Pabst, Diageo, FIFCO and more.  Kramer Beverage also distributes a wide variety of craft beers, from suppliers such as New Belgium and Sierra Nevada, to local favorites including Flying Fish, Double Nickel, Evil Genius, Glasstown, Sly Fox, and 2SP.  For more information on Kramer Beverage, please visit www.kramerbev.com.

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