TALK OF THE TRADE: AriZona Hard Iced Tea

The legendary beverage brand, AriZona, entered the alcoholic segment this year in the United States with its new line, AriZona Hard. AriZona beverages have been a staple in the non-alcoholic category, dominating the shelves with their iconic large format 99 cans. In 2023, the beverage brand brought its extremely successful alcoholic venture down from Canada with three iconic SKUs, Lemon, Peach, and Green Tea.

AriZona’s success comes from the reputation crafted over the past thirty years. The brand prides itself on having never advertised and letting the packaging, flavors, and  generational appreciation speak for itself. Consumers gravitate toward the product due to the strong brand recognition that the company has built over years of success. Since their launch at Kramer Beverage just three months ago, over 40,000 cases of their product have been sold in the South Jersey market.

Ensuring that AriZona Hard matched the consistency of the original AriZona beverages while staying true to the reputable flavor was no easy task. Co-founder and CEO Don Vultaggio carefully curated the liquid to ensure it would replicate the same taste consumers know and love about the original product. The brand’s motto, “Taste Matters,” was of utmost importance to Don when bringing AriZona into the alcoholic beverage market. “We worked hard to build the brand one consumer at a time,” Don added, “it was imperative to me that the liquid remains consistent with what people already love, even with the addition of alcohol.”

Perhaps the best part about AriZona Hard is that it is produced locally in New Jersey! The brand was born in Brooklyn, but it is now being poured in AriZona’s state-of-the-art facility located in the Edison/Woodbridge area. Each time you purchase AriZona Hard, you are shopping locally and supporting NJ jobs.

Looking forward, AriZona aims to launch more iconic flavors in a hard format, like Mucho Mango, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and more. The company also has plans to introduce a spirit-based line of products. As for now, they continue to grow their brewing capacity and deliver their classic flavors to retailers across New Jersey. For more information, visit or follow them @drinkazhard.


About Kramer Beverage 

Kramer Beverage is South Jersey’s largest award-winning beer wholesaler, owned and operated by four generations of the Kramer family since 1924. Based out of Hammonton, Atlantic County, and services eight counties in southern New Jersey with top brands from MolsonCoors, Constellation, Yuengling, Boston Beer, Heineken USA, Pabst, Diageo, FIFCO, and more. Kramer Beverage also distributes a wide variety of craft beers, from suppliers such as New Belgium and Sierra Nevada, to local favorites including Flying Fish, Double Nickel, Evil Genius, Glasstown, MudHen and 2SP. For more information on Kramer Beverage, please visit

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