Why You Should Be Selling: Top Dog Cocktails

As consumer trends continue to change, the ready-to-drink market is grabbing both the on and off-premises by storm. According to the Global Industry Analysis, the RTD beverage market was valued at $89 billion in 2022. With many national brands entering the scene, Top Dog Cocktails is a spirit-based canned cocktail company with a local Philly flare.

Top Dog started its RTD journey in early 2022 when founders Matt Satten and Joanna Manzo teamed up to produce canned cocktails for the high-end restaurant industry

in Philadelphia. During the pandemic, Matt and Joanna saw a need to elevate the drinking experience by providing a high-ABV bar quality cocktail for consumers at home and easing the demand for short-staffed bars with an easy-to-serve beverage. Even as the pandemic restrictions subside, the convenience of serving a full-bodied cocktail in a can still proves itself a winner, especially in high-volume accounts such as concert venues, outdoor bars, and casinos.

Top Dog Cocktails has a unique selling proposition that allows it to stand out from the rest of its competitors. At 12.5% ABV, Top Dog Cocktails offers two full-flavored spirit-based cocktails in a single, convenient can. They also pride themselves on being all-natural, never artificial. With a simple crack of the can and an optional serving of ice, Top Dog Cocktails are perhaps one of the easiest ways to serve consumers something crafted, satisfying, and above the traditional 5% ABV of most canned cocktails and malt-based seltzers.

Justin Knosp, Top Dog’s Director of Sales, emphasizes that the cocktails are a great “bang for your buck” when comparing the ABV to dollars spent by the consumer. Plus, Top Dog has something for everyone, with four flavors and various spirit-based options like vodka, whiskey, and tequila agave spirit.

This summer, you can find Top Dog Cocktails all over the beach as they are the official sponsor of Boardwalk Hall and Atlantic City Convention Center. They have also been named the exclusive RTD of the Showboat Resort and will be hitting the AC dunes with two mobile beach carts that will sell all four tasty flavors. Outside of the shore, you can find Top Dog surrounding all things Philly sports, as they love to be the life of the tailgate and make video content with fans. To check out their tailgating videos or to see what Top Dog Cocktails is up to this summer, be sure to give them a follow on social media @TopDogCocktails or visit their website: https://topdogcocktails.com/

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