Women in Beer: Bianca Noto

Bianca Noto, Distributor Manager

Company: Diageo Beer Company 

How did you get into the beer business? Four score and seven years ago, well, maybe not that long ago, but it feels that way at times, Origlio Beverage was recruiting at a job fair at my university.  A friend of mine who already graduated and was employed at Origlio was at the fair representing them. She waved me over and filled me in on the beer business. Prior to that conversation, I had no idea this world existed. That conversation sparked my interest. I soon after attended a seminar held by their HR team and received more information on what a career in this business could offer. Two months after graduation, I was a customer service representative at Origlio Beverage, and the rest is history!  It was a great introductory position to learn how this business works in’s and out’s.

How long have you worked for your company? May 1st will be eight years with Diageo.

What does your current position entail? I am a distributor manager for three distributors in two different states responsible for approx. 700,000 CE’s. I oversee all the business aspects that affect my distributor with the number one goal to achieve yearly volume and distribution goals. A lot goes into making sure that happens, and working with my brand manager, Mike Sullivan, is an integral part in making sure we are firing on all cylinders. We collectively work on matters such as management and creation of sales-driving tools: marketing programs, sales incentives, promotions, and launch plans for new innovation items. Also, other not so exciting things, but equally as important : budget management, invoices, pricing, margins, inventory (especially this year!) , and other behind the scenes business analysis that makes sure everything runs smoothly for flawless execution in the trade.

What does it take to excel in your position? Understanding your customer, understanding their business and what their needs are is what makes a distributor manager successful. Understanding what Kramer Beverage needs to be successful in is the number one thing I keep top of mind when making any decisions. Also, cultivating and maintaining relationships is vital to being successful in this business.

What other positions have you held in the company or beer business? Like I mentioned before, I started at Origlio in customer service. I then moved to Florida, where I worked at a big distributor in southeast Florida that serviced from West Palm Beach to Key West. There I had an on-premise sales route for a year before I moved into the marketing department. I was a marketing brand manager for 8 years and covered brands such as; Diageo, Boston Beer, Yuengling, Mikes Lemonade, Presidente (which in S. Florida, was a 1,000,000 case brand), A-B/Inbev import brands, Sierra Nevada and the entire craft portfolio of approx. 20 other small brands. From there I jumped to the supplier side and started working for Treasury Wine Estates. Beringer and Penfolds are some of their top brands. I was a regional marketing activation manager that oversaw two regions. I eventually moved into customer marketing for national accounts working with customers like Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, and Safeway. That job lead me to where I am at now, Diageo. I started as a sales specialist, calling on Kramer 7 years ago, and after that got promoted to my current DM role.

What has been the best thing about your job? Selling beer! We work in such an amazing and fun industry. We are all so lucky to do what we do!

What areas do you service? Central to South NJ and all of Delaware.

Where do you live? Center City Philadelphia

Tell us about your family: My Center City family is myself and my Maltipoo puppy, Suraya. My mom and stepdad live in Naples, FL, which came in handy during a pandemic shut down. My father lives in Scranton, PA, where I grew up.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work? Ski and golf are my favorite hobbies. I love to travel, as well.

What is your favorite beer? I’m a seltzer girl! Smirnoff Red, White and Berry Seltzer!


About Kramer Beverage 

Kramer Beverage is South Jersey’s largest beer wholesaler, owned and operated by four generations of the Kramer family since 1924. Kramer Beverage is based out of Hammonton, Atlantic County, and services eight counties in southern New Jersey with top brands from MillerCoors, Constellation, Yuengling, Boston Beer, Heineken USA, Pabst, Diageo, FIFCO, and more. Kramer Beverage also distributes a wide variety of craft beers, from suppliers such as New Belgium and Sierra Nevada, to local favorites including Flying Fish, Double Nickel, Evil Genius, Glasstown, Sly Fox, and 2SP. For more information on Kramer Beverage, please visit www.kramerbev.com.

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